Medium Zip Clutch
Carry just the minimums, phone, wallet and keys.

Comes with a detachable wristlet.

6-1/2" x 10-1/4"
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Select an option
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Brown_Leopard Print Cowhide
Brown_Zebra Print Cowhide
Brown_Brown Cheetah Print Cowhide
Brown_Navy Leather
Brown_Black Leather
Brown_Orange Leather
Brown_Olive Leather
Brown_Brown Leather
Bone_Leopard Print Cowhide
Bone_Zebra Print Cowhide
Bone_Brown Cheetah Print Cowhide
Bone_Navy Leather
Bone_Black Leather
Bone_Orange Leather
Bone_Olive Leather
Bone_Brown Leather
Black_Leopard Print Cowhide
Black_Zebra Print Cowhide
Black_Brown Cheetah Print Cowhide
Black_Navy Leather
Black_Black Leather
Black_Orange Leather
Black_Olive Leather
Black_Brown Leather
Navy_Leopard Print Cowhide
Navy_Zebra Print Cowhide
Navy_Brown Cheetah Print Cowhide
Navy_Navy Leather
Navy_Black Leather
Navy_Orange Leather
Navy_Olive Leather
Navy_Brown Leather
Orange_Leopard Print Cowhide
Orange_Zebra Print Cowhide
Orange_Brown Cheetah Print Cowhide
Orange_Navy Leather
Orange_Black Leather
Orange_Orange Leather
Orange_Olive Leather
Orange_Brown Leather
Olive_Leopard Print Cowhide
Olive_Zebra Print Cowhide
Olive_Brown Cheetah Print Cowhide
Olive_Navy Leather
Olive_Black Leather
Olive_Orange Leather
Olive_Olive Leather
Olive_Brown Leather
Brown_Brown Natural Cowhide
Brown_Black Natural Cowhide
Bone_Brown Natural Cowhide
Bone_Black Natural Cowhide
Black_Brown Natural Cowhide
Black_Black Natural Cowhide
Navy_Brown Natural Cowhide
Navy_Black Natural Cowhide
Orange_Brown Natural Cowhide
Orange_Black Natural Cowhide
Olive_Brown Natural Cowhide
Olive_Black Natural Cowhide
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